Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Zoya - Wednesday

Since summer will be over before we know it, I figured I should use one of my polishes from the Zoya Beach collection. I've had some of them for a while and haven't really used them for anything other than nail art.

Zoya's Wednesday is such a beautiful color that I couldn't resist using it on its own. Wednesday is a pretty light blue color with a hint of green. It's comparable to Sinful Colors Greek Isles, and even reminds me of China Glaze For Audrey, although that has a little more green to it than this. 

Application was super smooth with this polish. I used two coats with no top coat in the photos. It is a creme with no shimmer, but it still very shiny and bright. I just really can't get over this color! It's definitely one of my favorites now. 

Being a fan of blues and greens, this is probably my favorite polish from the summer beach and surf collections, although Tracie and Arizona are also up there. If you can't tell, I tend to prefer cremes over shimmers, but they're all gorgeous!

This polish is all-around wonderful. I love the color and application was easy. It's pretty glossy on its own with no top coat, but it did however stain my nails a bit when I removed it. I did not used a base coat since it's a lighter color, but it's apparently very pigmented to stain like it did! A little scrubbing got most of the blue off though, and it's honestly not going to stop me from using this gorgeous polish!


  1. I "L-O-V-E" Wednesday!!!...So gorgeous!...=)

    1. It's so pretty! I am really in love with this color now :)

  2. that is a very pretty color!

    1. It's wonderful! It did stain when I took it off, but ah well. Worth it! I'll just have to scrub with some whitening toothpaste I guess :)


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