Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sation - Midnight Blue

The 500 Facebook Follower Giveaway has been going smoothly so far, so it's time for some new nails! I've decided to keep today's manicure simple and just use one color. The polish I chose was Sation - Midnight Blue.

I've been wanting to try out this color for quite some time. I just now realized that it is Tuesday though, so I suppose I'm also going "Try it on Tuesday" with a polish I haven't tried yet! This polish is such a dark blue color that you can barely read the name "Sation" on the bottle. I suppose Midnight Blue was an appropriate name.

I applied one very generous coat to achieve this. It's a dark color, so it covered very well and very easily. Two coats may have been ideal, but I was satisfied with this one. Even though I applied a rather thick layer, it dried alright on its own and wasn't messy to apply. It went on smoothly and dried smoothly. However, being as clumsy as I am, I got some on the skin around my nails. I cleaned it off with acetone, but being such a dark polish, it stained my skin a little bit. I guess I'll just have to be more careful with dark, very pigmented colors!

My camera struggled to capture the true color of this polish. The color is honestly pretty true to real life, but since it looks so deep and reflective (almost like candy apple paint on a car) that it still just couldn't focus correctly. I guess this is just another reminder that I need to keep looking at potential cameras to buy for macro shots!

Still, it's a gorgeous color, and it truly has some depth to it, even without layering it multiple times and even without a topcoat. It is much more glossy and shiny than it appears in the bottle, but to achieve a truly smooth feel, you may want to use a topcoat anyway. I will definitely have to try it out again when I get a new camera.

If you're looking to buy some Sation polishes online, the company is called Miss Profession Nail, and the polishes can be found on their website. They retail for $5.00 per bottle.

This polish was provided by Sation for review. As always, I only offer my honest opinion.


  1. I would like to have my car be this colour!

    1. This would make an amazing car color! I do like my metallic bright blue though :)

  2. this color is stunning!!


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