Monday, July 9, 2012

Reviva Labs Review, Part 1

I have some non-nail related products from Reviva Labs that I'm pretty excited about today! I've been using them for quite a while in my daily routine to review them, but I love them so much that I will continue to use them well after this.

I received these items in a goody bag from the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida meetup that I attended in May. Reviva Labs was wonderful enough to sponsor the event and supply the attendees with the following products to review.

From left to right, the products are: Vitamin E oil stick, Makeup Primer, Hypoallergenic mascara, and Seaweed bar soap. For part one, I'll go over two of these products, the Vitamin E stick and the seaweed soap.

Vitamin E Oil Stick (1/8 oz) - This little stick is so helpful. The packaging suggests that it offers protection for lips, eye areas, and more. On my lips, it's pretty much like using lip balm, but I found that it's much better in other areas. I mostly applied it under my eyes and to problem areas on my face before going to sleep. The Vitamin E stick helped blemishes heal much faster, and made my skin look and feel great everywhere I used it. It has a light scent, almost like honey, and comes in an easy-to-manage lipstick container. Current sale price: $4.00

Seaweed bar soap (4.5 oz) - This item is definitely one of the more curious ones. I don't normally use bar soap to begin with, as I tend to use liquid or gel body wash with a loofa. I switched out my usual loofa for a washcloth and this bar, and I wasn't disappointed. The scent of this soap is a little pungent at first - it smelled odd at first, but it definitely grew on me. The bar has some bits and pieces in it, which are the darker spots in the photo, and they're a bit abrasive if you just rub the bar directly on your skin. I instead lathered up the washcloth with it, and I didn't have to work very hard to get a good lather going. The scent doesn't linger on your skin, but just leaves it smelling fresh and feeling very soft. Bonus: it is 100% vegetable based and has no animal fats. Current sale price: $4.00

If you would like to purchase some of these products, the Reviva Labs website has all of them currently in stock and on sale. Also feel free to check them out on Facebook. Reviva Labs also uses no animal ingredients, and conducts no animal testing.

Part 2 of the review can be found here

<3 Corrinne

These products were provided by Reviva Labs for review. As always, I only offer my honest opinion.

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