Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Reviva Labs Review, Part 2

I decided to split up the posts for the Reviva Labs products. I figured it would make for a much easier read, and keep a theme going with each post. I reviewed the Vitamin E stick and the seaweed soap, both body care items in my previous Part 1 post.

For a refresher, the items from left to right are: Vitamin E oil stick, Makeup Primer, Hypoallergenic mascara, and Seaweed bar soap. For part two, I'll go over two of these products, the makeup primer and the hypoallergenic mascara.

Hypoallergenic Mascara (black, .25 oz) - I use mascara on a daily basis, but I also suffer from indoor allergies. I never really though about searching for hypoallergenic mascara until I saw this. The mascara tube is a pretty standard size, and has a a rigid applicator covered in bristles. Application is very easy, and I didn't get any clumps with this brush. As far as my allergies go, this product is wonderful. Normally, by the end of the day, my eyes are very itchy and irritated, and I have to remove my makeup right when I get home from work sometimes. I didn't think that my mascara may be the culprit until I used this one. I actually almost forgot to remove my makeup before bed a few times since my eyes are so comfortable with this one on! I am not a contact user, but this would probably also be an ideal choice for those who do use them. Current sale price: $8.00

Makeup Primer (1 fl oz) - Makeup primer is honestly something I don't typically use. I usually wash my face, apply moisturizer, and go straight to my makeup. I gave this one a shot using multiple methods, but I found that this primer would work alone under my makeup without moisturizing just fine. The primer feels oily when it comes out, and it almost feels like I'm putting Vaseline on my face. However, it is not shiny or greasy at all! I was very surprised, as it fills in every nook, wrinkle, pore, and cranny and looks great while doing it. It is clear, so it also doesn't get noticeably caked up in spots. It applies very evenly, and my makeup lasts all day with it. I tried both liquid and powder foundations with it, among other various blush, eyeshadows, and more. It works great with everything I tried. Current sale price: $19.50
In the end, all of their products were wonderful. I wasn't familiar with Reviva Labs until I was given these products to try, but I am glad that I got to experience them, especially the hypoallergenic mascara! 

If you would like to purchase some of these products, the Reviva Labs website has all of them currently in stock and on sale. Also feel free to check them out on Facebook. Reviva Labs also uses no animal ingredients, and conducts no animal testing. 

<3 Corrinne

These products were provided by Reviva Labs for review. As always, I only offer my honest opinion.

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