Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nail art with Sation "Midnight Blue" and F4 Polish "Glamorous"

I really love this Midnight Blue color from Sation. But as with just about any single colored manicure, I tend to dress it up before removing it to enjoy it a little longer! I was looking for a good polish to pair with the deep, shiny blue, and Glamorous by F4 Polish seemed to be an excellent choice.

Glamorous is mostly made up of dark blue glitter, but most of it very holographic in person, and you can appreciate the tiny pink flecks more too. I hadn't done any nail art with striping tape in a while, so I decided to do some diagonal glitter tips with a striping tape divider.

As usual, my camera hates glitter, so the photos come out very grainy. I will be posting about this F4 polish properly when I get my new one, which will hopefully be very soon! I'm in the process of choosing which one I want now.

Still, it looks amazing. I didn't get the stripes at exactly the same angle on each nail, but I'm very happy with the way they turned out. Sation's Midnight Blue was my base, and then I used Scotch tape to tape off where I wanted the glitter. I painted the glitter on a little less than half of each nail.

I then removed the Scotch tape and applied the striping tape right where the two polishes meet. This helps since it didn't leave a very clean line, and I was able to cover up the small flaws with the tape. Plus I just like the way the silver tape looks! I also topped it all off with a generous coat of Seche Vite to really seal the tape in there. It hasn't been peeling up yet!

Since I haven't done too much for nail art recently, I'm really enjoying this manicure. I will have to post again about this Sation color and F4 Polish's Glamorous when I get a different camera, but if you would like to check out Glamorous more, you can check out the Etsy listing for it. Or, just check out F4 Polish's Etsy shop!

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  1. this is a stunning mani! love the colors.


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