Sunday, July 29, 2012

365 Days of Color - Killer Kiss

Phew, I had a busy weekend! I didn't stop moving from Friday morning until now. Between work, attending events, running errands, and doing chores, I'm exhausted. I finally settled down and was able to do my nails!

I ordered from 365 Days of Color not too long ago and got the new Toxic Love collection. The collection consists of neon jelly polishes, and they're all gorgeous. It looks like I put a huge dent in this bottle, but they are very thin (I should have taken a side shot with my camera), so it made the level go down more. This color is called Killer Kiss.

Still, it is a jelly polish, so I admit to using a bit more than I usually would have. I built up three good coats for these pictures. I would have applied the color over white, but I wanted to get the semi-transparent effect that jelly polishes have.

Killer Kiss is a beautiful semi-transparent coral color. It is somewhat in between coral and neon orange, but it's quite unique and quite amazing! It has different types of white glitter inside, including diamond shapes, bar glitter, hexes, squares, and a few shreds. It has just about everything if you look hard enough!

Still, I love this polish. It honestly took a bit more to achieve the look I wanted than I had initially thought, but I still love it. It did use quite a bit from the bottle, but considering I bought the full size, I will be able to get quite a few more uses out of it for summer.

Killer Kiss is available in 365 Days of Color's shop, and is available in both full size and mini size. They currently sell for $8.00 and $4.50, respectively.


  1. It's pretty, but I'm not loving the texture of how it appears xx

    1. It's actually really smooth, just a little thick because I applied a few coats. I didn't use a coat of Seche Vite like usual, so that may be it too. I didn't feel the need for it, but maybe it would have made it glossier! :)


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