Monday, July 2, 2012

350 Facebook "Like" Giveaway

It's that time again - giveaway time! I'm always very excited for giveaways, whether I'm hosting them, entering them, promoting them... it's always a good time!

For reaching 350 "likes" on Facebook, I would like to celebrate with another giveaway. The prize still isn't terribly epic, but I have the next few planned out, and trust me, they only get better from here! I would also like to thank all of you for the continued support and interest in my blog. You all keep me going, thank you!

This giveaway will have one lucky winner. The giveaway is open to the United States (all 50 states and Puerto Rico) and Canada! It is not entirely international yet, sorry. Here's what's up for grabs in detail! 

The winner will receive six Prisma Luminous Color nail lacquers, brand new. The polishes include:

  • a red glitter top coat
  • a reddish coral polish
  • a yellow polish with glitter inside
  • a blue glitter top coat
  • a greenish-bluish polish
  • a light purple polish

The winner will also receive two gold colored nail files, four sparkly orange metal bangle bracelets, and two striping tapes! Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter!

*Edit: I just purchased my domain name:
This is important because the GFC widget in the top-right might not be displaying properly with the URL (the old version). If this is happening to you, please try to use this address for the giveaway post instead:
Thank you, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. o.0 I don't see a Rafflecopter...

    1. I'm sorry, I'm working on it! Just a few minutes!

    2. Yay it's up now! I thought my computer was acting up again haha

    3. Nope, just me! The "like the blog post on Facebook" one wasn't cooperating last time, so I was seeing if it would work. If it doesn't, ah well, but I tried! I was also trying to add more ways for people to enter and participate. I hope this gives everyone more of a chance - and also Canadians can take part now! :)

    4. You'll be happy to know that the "like the blog post" works. :)

  2. Congrats on the 350plus fans.... :)
    thank you for the opportunity for this amazing giveway...

    1. Thank you! And I wish I could bring you all giveaways all of the time! I always look forward to the next and making some lucky winners happy :)

  3. NOOO!!! I can't sign up via GFC!! We're sorry...

    This gadget is configured incorrectly. Webmaster hint: Please ensure that "Friend Connect Settings - Home URL" matches the URL of this site.

    1. That appears to be happening from the old blogspot URL. Try navigating from -> the "Giveaways" page -> clicking on my current giveaway link from there.

      I don't know why the GFC gadget isn't working with both, considering it still redirects from I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but I just bought the domain name and that seems to be the only problem so far. If it still doesn't work, please let me know!

  4. Replies
    1. Good luck! I wish I could give everybody a prize :)

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