Friday, June 8, 2012

Warpaint Beauty - Eyeshadow, Shimmer Eyeshadow, & Lip Gloss

So a while ago I went to a Hot Topic store while visiting my brother. It was at his local mall, and they had TONS of this Warpaint Beauty makeup marked down. Everything was just mixed together in some clearance bins marked "$1.99," so I started digging!
This post is also a little picture heavy!

I found some eyeshadow, shimmer eyeshadow (roll-on), and lip gloss - also a matte nail polish top coat, but I'll be posting that later! For now, here is some of the makeup I got super cheap. I'll start with these super awesome roll-on eyeshadows!

As you can see I got quite the selection. From left to right the colors are:
  • Thin Ice
  • Garage Door
  • Poison Berry
  • Teal Breaker
  • Lucky
  • Stay Gold

Here they are, swatched quickly on my arm. Yes, I'm very pale under white light! But I didn't want to tone down the brightness because then the colors wouldn't be so true. All of them apply very smoothly, and for each color I only rolled over two or three times. A single swipe might have done it for a couple colors! 

They're pretty pigmented, and also pretty shimmery. The purple one (Poison Berry) didn't shine quite like the rest, but I still like it. They had other colors available like orange, red, a deeper blue, etc, but I just got these!  

I also nabbed a couple of these lip glosses. These were also pretty pigmented. The bright red one is called Hot Mess, and the darker one is Medium Rare. I love the names of all of their cosmetics - most of the ones I got were pretty silly, especially these two!

Despite my terrible arm swatches, these lip glosses actually apply very smoothly. The applicator tip has four holes on it instead of just one like some other glosses, so it also spreads out a little better. 

Being the eyeshadow sucker I am, I also couldn't resist these eyeshadows. The blue one is called Skinny Dip, the pink one is Spanked, and the cream one is Start Here. Once again, I think some of these names are either hilarious, or just "wait, what?" like Garage Door from above.

Here they are in all of their open glory. Skinny Dip looks very bright, but it's much deeper and more of a royal blue when it's on skin. Spanked one is also a bit lighter, and Start Here stays pretty true to the color.

Here they are swatched on my arm again. As you can see, Start Here barely even shows up on me, if at all. I bought it with the idea of using it as a highlighter or for the brow bone, mostly. The other two colors actually look very nice on skin, and are very wearable for me! 

All in all, I am so happy that I splurged a bit and got these products. I'm not sure, but I've heard that Hot Topic was discontinuing the Warpaint line for the newer Blackheart line (which is also putting out some awesome stuff, such as the skull-shaped polish bottles!). 

As I said, I'm unsure of this, but it seems logical considering they're putting everything Warpaint on clearance. My suggestion is to go to your local Hot Topic and see if they have any left! They're great for the price. If not, it appears that the Hot Topic website still has some, but the selection is very limited as they sell out!

*Edit: As of now they appear to be sold out. I believe the Warpaint Beauty line has been replaced by the Blackheart line, so we'll see how long that one lasts, and if it's as good! 

<3 Corrinne


  1. I picked up the matte topcoat (which for some reason, I thought was just a light matte polish!) and med. rare lipgloss online when I bought a blackheart polish and a couple of t-shirts. I'm glad you did a review, I haven't tried mine yet. I think we like to buy the same things.. we should go shopping sometime! lol

    1. haha I guess we do like the same things! I picked up the matte topper but didn't try it yet, along with three of the Blackheart polishes. I will probably post about them all together :) I can't wait to order more of those Blackheart ones though. And we should... we need to hang out after another blogger event or something!

  2. I wish Warpaint would comeback :/ I also picked up the Teal Breaker and Lucky roll on eyeshadows, and I love them! I three bought the matte top coat, and I love to put it on black <3 anyways, love the blog!


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