Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Target Beauty Bag - Summer

So a while back, I received my beauty bag in the mail from Target Style. I was going to post about it because I was so excited, but I decided to wait until I had gotten a chance to play around the products so I could review them better!

This is the bag this time. It is the same size, shape, and style as the last beauty bag from them, which was pink with stripes. This one is very pretty, and I absolutely love the shade of blue and the pattern on it! As for the items inside, I also love what I got. 

It looks like quite a bit in the photo below, but here it is broken down:
  • Garnier Fructis Color Shield shampoo and conditioner samples (0.34 fl oz) - I don't have color treated hair, but these promise to fight the fade and leave you with "bold color, even after 45 washes." However, as with most Garnier Fructis products, they smell great and left my hair feeling soft. I absolutely love fruity body washes and shampoos, so this is always a plus for me. 
  • Tresemme Split Remedy split end shampoo and conditioner trial sizes (1 fl oz) - Split ends are indeed something I have to deal with sometimes. While these are just trial sizes and I can't tell you how my hair is after long-term use, I can tell you that I did enjoy these products. They have a pretty boring scent to me, like that of your usual fresh scented salon shampoo. At least they also left my hair feeling very soft and silky, and were comparable to some Pantene products I've tried. I've never used Tresemme products prior to this, so this is a good experience for me. 

  • Aveeno Active Naturals smart essentials daily detoxifying scrub (1 oz) - I'm always willing to try new facial washes. I break out quite often, and have combination skin that goes from very dry and taut after washing, to very oily after wearing makeup. This scrub was very nice since it foams up a little, unlike some other scrubs, but also has some of that very fine, abrasive texture to it. It's a nice balance, and it didn't feel like this was filled with too many chemicals or harsh scents for your skin. 
  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer dry-touch sunblock SPF 70 (1 fl oz) - For being SPF 70, this sunblock is indeed very sheer. It dried fast, and wasn't very oily and heavy like most sunblocks. I am very fair-skinned, and I live in Florida, so I will be putting this to good use! As for sun protection, I really can't say, but if it's SPF 70, I'll trust that it's good, since it's a little hard for me to analyze that!
  • Revlon Color Burst lip color in peach parfait - This item is a little 1-3 use sample (the card between the Neutrogena and Tresemme in the image). I was sort of hoping that we would each get a full size lip color with the way they advertised the beauty bags, but for free, I won't complain. As for my color, I got peach parfait, which is a lovely coral sort of color. It isn't too sheer, and it isn't too bold. I actually got three uses out of this sample, and applied it with my finger. It felt nice, looked nice, and now I want to buy the full size!
The bag also came with another coupon booklet with coupons good at Target. It has coupons for the full sizes of these items and even more from other companies and sponsors. Looks like I'll be stocking up with some summer beauty savings! 

All in all, this is another great bag - both the bag itself and the contents. I am very satisfied with everything I received, and I hope Target can give out more of these in future seasons! If you would like to know when they plan on sending more out, check out the Target Style Facebook page

<3 Corrinne


  1. I'm still waiting for mine! I really want to try the lip color.

    1. I hope it arrives soon! Mine arrived very quickly actually, but I've been seeing them trickle in slowly with other bloggers :)


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