Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nail Art - Water Marble with Wet n Wild

I had an incredibly busy weekend, so I'll apologize for my absence! I didn't stop moving from Friday until today, mostly because my brother was visiting, but I also had class, work, etc, so it's been exciting!

Now, back to beauty! I realized that I hadn't done too much nail art since the 31-Day Challenge, especially something like water marbling. My first and only time had been during that challenge, so I decided to try it again with a couple new polishes! 

I've had these Wet n Wild polishes since I went to the Central Florida Beauty Blogger meetup. These were supplied by Wet n Wild who helped sponsor the event. The two colors are I Need a Refresh-Mint (218A) and Through the Grapevine (208B). I Need a Refresh-Mint is lighter in person in the bottle, and Through the Grapevine is a bit more purple than pink. 

These photos are a little more true to their colors, but still a little saturated.  As you can see, my cuticles are a little flooded with polish since this was done with the standard water marbling technique. I did indeed apply Vaseline to my fingertips and around the nails, but it didn't help too much with the nooks and cranies, and cleaning up with a Q-tip just didn't cut it!

Still, it came out pretty nice, and at least after cleanup my nails don't look too terrible! I like how the patterns came out on a few of the nails, namely the index finger, but all of them are really neat. That's one of the things I like about water marbling - each nail will be very unique!

The Wet n Wild Megalast polishes held up nicely for water marbling, and they're very opaque. The polishes also have the very wide, flat brushes inside to make application easy (although that wasn't necessary here). I think I'll be checking out more of their colors! 

These polishes were provided by Wet n Wild for review. As always, I only offer my honest opinion.


  1. Cute! I wanted to let you know I gave you the Fabulous Blog Ribbon!

    1. Thank you, by the way! I forgot I never replied after seeing this, sorry :)


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