Saturday, June 16, 2012

Julep June Mystery Box

Every time Julep offers mystery boxes, I've been so incredibly tempted to buy one. I've refrained every time, but I finally caved and got a June mystery box. With their promo code, it was $20. I didn't get one of the huge, special boxes, but I did get some nice products!

I didn't take a picture of everything wrapped up all cute - I was way too excited to see what I had got since it is totally random. But, here are the contents of my box! I got Julep Elixir, three polishes, and a Julep nail file.

The polishes I got are actually very pretty. I didn't receive any duplicates since I only has four Julep polishes prior to buying this mystery box. From top to bottom: Sandra, Natasha, and Heather. Sandra is a beautiful, opalescent pinkish-magenta color. Natasha falls somewhere between orange and coral. It appears very orange in this photo, but in person it's more on the coral side. Either way, it's unique and gorgeous! Heather is a metallic silver color. It is a pretty dark silver, and has some brownish undertones to make it appear much warmer than most shades of silver.

The Elixir is something I have never tried from Julep before, so I'm pretty glad I got it. It is organic Moroccan argan oil, and comes with a glass eyedropper, which screws onto the bottle so it can seal with it kept inside. I haven't gotten to play with it much yet, but apparently it has several uses, in places such as cuticles, nails, skin, and even hair. I will probably end up using it more or less as cuticle oil, but will try it in the other places to observe the results. I opened it and applied some to my hand, and after rubbing it in, it didn't leave my hand greasy. It also appears to be unscented, or I'm just too stuffed up from allergies to tell if it has a subtle scent.

All in all, I'm glad I got to cure my itch for a Julep mystery box. I think it's pretty fun to see what you end up with, and I may end up buying another one when they offer them again! As long as they're $20 or so, I suppose I can try my luck again!

<3 Corrinne


  1. I just ordered this months. I'm sooooo excited!

    1. I'm pretty tempted! But they split it, ahhh. I like the polishes but I love the random products too. If I had more funds this time (just bought a new camera instead) then I would try one of each!


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