Saturday, June 16, 2012

Indie Week: Windestine - Jeweled Sand

To wrap up my Indie Week, I have another polish that I have been wanting to use for a while. I haven't had this one quite as long, but it is absolutely gorgeous, and I couldn't resist! That polish is Jeweled Sand by Windestine.

This polish does indeed look like sand with jewels in it. It is a clear base filled with mostly tiny gold glitter, and some larger turquoise pieces. The gold in it is pretty holographic, so when the polish hits the light, you see all sorts of colors.

Since the polish has a clear base, I wanted to use some "underwear" with it. I chose to use a very neutral shade, so I went with KleanColor's Sandstone. Sandstone is shimmery on its own, but it is a nice sandy color - what better to use with Jeweled Sand?

This is two coats of Jeweled Sand over two coats of Sandstone, all topped with one coat of Seche Vite. Because the golden pieces are so tiny, these photos just do not do the polish justice! It is gorgeous in person,  and is very sparkly, but still not too crazy since the pieces are fairly small. I like it!

You can see a couple pieces on the index, ring, and pinky fingers reflecting - they look bright greenish. This is the best I could capture of the holographic-ness, but it really is fantastic. Application was very easy, as the polish is not thick and gloopy at all. I also bought Pansies from Windestine's Etsy shop, and I can't wait to try it now! Windestine has very reasonable prices, so check out their shop and favorite it so you know when they restock! 

Also, this may bring my Indie Week to a close, but I will definitely keep posting about more now and then! I can never get enough of Indie polishes. 


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    1. Check her out on Facebook and Etsy so you know when she restocks! It was only like $5 or $6. So gorgeous - I love it. I may need to get one next time for a giveaway or something!


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