Saturday, June 16, 2012

Indie Week: Lacqusitry - Spun Sugar

For today's Indie post, I have a polish that I bought from Lacqusitry long ago, and actually never used! I got this one back in March, and it's been sitting around since. I've been eyeballing it now and then, but just couldn't decide what to put it over since it's sheer on its own. (This happens a lot with glitters I have!).

As you can see, Spun Sugar is a very pale pinkish color. It is filled with glittery goodness, and glistens in the light. It has some small hex glitter, but most of the glitter in it is super fine. It isn't rainbowy holographic, but more like opalescent shining glitter.

I applied one generous coat of Spun Sugar over two very thin coats of Revlon's Pink Chiffon. I probably could have made the base less sheer, but I think it still turned out very nice. The polish is very pale pink for the most part here, but shines a brighter pink in direct light.

This is such a beautiful polish, and it does indeed look like spun sugar or cotton candy! It almost reminds me of some sparkly but soft bridal colors or polishes. I'm not sure exactly, but I almost want to eat it, and I definitely don't want to take it off!

As with most polishes from Lacqusitry, this one is wonderful. I have quite a few of her polishes from her Etsy shop, but I'm unsure of the last time she had restocked for the general public. I know she has been doing a lot of custom orders, so she must be busy! Either way, Jenna is an absolute doll to work with, and I love her polishes. I look forward to getting more polishes from her!


  1. very pretty and feminine! I like it.

    1. I do like it! I'm typically not a pink kind of gal, but it's a nice change. It's a pretty delicate color :)

  2. I'd loving the texture it appears. A lovely colour :) xx

    1. It's a pretty nice texture! The glitter is pretty tiny, so it's not too gritty or rough. I did apply SV over it, but it still looks pretty textured :)


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