Monday, June 11, 2012

Indie Week: 365 Days of Color - Birthday Bash

Indie week continues! It is only the second day, and I'm having trouble picking what ones to use for the week! I actually have so many indie favorites that I want to showcase, and lots that I haven't even swatched yet, so it's hard! But for today, the choice was easy - Birthday Bash from 365 Days of Color.

Birthday Bash is an amazing polish. I absolutely love white polishes with glitter inside, no matter the color! But this one has some pretty crazy glitter - the larger colorful pieces are multicolor shredded glitter, all suspended among tiny turquoise glitter. The difference in size, shape, and color definitely makes it look like confetti from a birthday bash!

This is two coats of Birthday Bash, topped with Seche Vite. I didn't apply very thick coats, and I got full coverage! I did not use a basecoat, so two coats and this polish was completely opaque.

This polish really reminds me of Jawbreaker from Pretty & Polished. If you love that one, then you'll love this one! The colors in this one are much brighter, such as bright orange and purplish pink, instead of reds and greens in Jawbreaker. The white base in this one is also a bit more opaque, so both are still very unique.

Application was very smooth, and I absolutely love the end effect! I did no "glitter manipulation" either - I just applied the polish and the distribution of shredded glitter pieces was pretty even. Also, notice how nice my cuticles look today? I got to try a sample of Miracle Balm from 365 Days of Color too! I got this sample from my purchase of Birthday Bash, and she has since released full sizes in over 20 different scents!

My scent was random, but I am so happy with it. For being a melon scent, it is very strong, but smells spot-on. The whole thing is basically a little pot of cuticle balm, and I applied some to my fingers before taking my photos. They look a little shiny since I took the photos directly after, but they are not greasy at all. The oils get absorbed, and my fingertips look fantastic now. I will definitely be buying this in more scents!

If you would like to purchase polishes from 365 Days of Color, you can check out her shop on Big Cartel. She has Birthday Bash, American Spirit, and two whole collections of other polishes, all among her brand new Miracle Balms. The balms are available in sample and full sizes, and her polishes are also available in mini and full sizes. Excuse me while I go purchase some more!

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