Tuesday, May 29, 2012

MyGlam - May bag

So this post is super late in terms of when I actually received this bag. But I figured that since May has a couple more days to go, and since the June glam bags won't be sent out for a while, I should still post about it!
Well as you may or may not know, I am a MyGlam subscriber. I have has my subscription since December, so it's been interesting to see how each bag is different.

The theme for May is "love is in the air." It has a light blue makeup bag with lipstick/lip marks all over it (not real, of course!). It came with the following items inside:

  • Philosophy Love Sweet Love spray fragrance (1.5 mL) - I actually love this scent. I was curious to know what it smelled like in person, and it's beautiful! The scent isn't too heavy, but it's a bit strong - a little dab will do ya. It reminds me more of a scent that body sprays would have, but with the power of a perfume. It smells very girly and flowery, and I like it!
  • Studio Gear complete color lipstick - the color I got is called Winter Red. It's a very deep shade of red, pretty much burgundy looking inside the lipstick container, but shows up lighter on skin. It has no shimmer in it, and I actually think it's a very nice lip color. A little dark for daytime or regular use I suppose, but still probably one of the more versatile colors. You can see it below. 
  • Miss Beauty nail bling - Being a blog focusing on nail polish and nail art, I thought these were pretty interesting. I haven't actually tried nail stickers, nail decals, press-on nails, or anything. These ones are stickers that cover the entire nail, and they are textured silver with pink hearts. There are 20 inside the package, so I guess I have enough to try them twice. I haven't used them yet, but I will post about it when I do! 
  • MyGlam concealer brush & defining eyeliner brush - The brushes inside MyGlam bags are usually hit or miss with subscribers. I'm pretty easy to please with them and think that they're pretty nice since I'm not a huge makeup guru or anything. I do my nails, and that's about it. I wear makeup everyday, but it's usually very basic eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, etc, but I don't have any expensive brushes myself. That being said, I enjoy the brushes that they've been putting in the bags each month since I barely have any makeup brushes, and they're a pretty decent quality. For people who are already more into makeup, you might not like them as much. Some people say they're poor quality, or they dislike receiving them since they already own an arsenal of brushes. 

All in all, I honestly like when MyGlam sticks to mostly makeup in their bags, but this bag was still alright to me. I don't have a very high income, so receiving some decent brushes and getting some new products delivered to me for $10 per month is still a pretty nice deal. For people who can be buying nicer things on their own, or who aren't really into trying a random mystery bag of makeup products, you might want to save your $10 for something else, especially if you're already used to more higher end products. 

I suppose the whole idea is still pretty hit or miss in itself since some people will almost always be pleased with it, and some people will almost always dislike the bags and selection of items. I still find it pretty exciting, and it certainly has been getting me to try new things! If you would like to become a MyGlam subscriber, they now have a wait list to join too - so no more racing to try and subscribe when there are openings. Visit the MyGlam website to find out how to sign up. 

<3 Corrinne

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