Sunday, May 13, 2012

Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

I found time to do this mani, but not much! Not only did I paint messy due to time constraints, but I only have a Q-tip and "normal" nail polish remover to try and clean up. Needless to say, it doesn't work nearly as well as a brush and pure acetone.

For my inspiration, I used the British flag, or Union Jack. I've always quite like this flag, even though I have no British heritage as far as I know, nor have I even visited the UK. The flag is somewhat of a mix of a few separate flags, as seen below (for those who don't know).

Source: Wikipedia

I had fun doing this mani, and I would love to do it again with the proper cleanup so I can display it properly! It looks alright in person, but my god, it looks terrible in these photos! Not only was I more messy than usual while applying, but the blue color stained my skin! When I went to remove it, it just sort of smeared it around and didn't get rid of it.

Although a pain, it's a gorgeous color. It's Revlon Royal for the blue. I also used Ulta Snow White, and Cherimoya's Red. I only had a few colors with me (mostly neons to do yesterday's Warhol soup can mani), but luckily I was able to do something fun like this with the Royal my aunt had given me.

Still, I love this design and I definitely want to do it again when I can clean up right! It was really easy to do. I didn't tape anything, so it's all freehand. I sort of like the double French idea, and splitting part of the flag design between a couple fingers actually turned out well.

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