Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

I was sort of fearing today's challenge. I guess you could say I'm fashion challenged. I don't pay attention to the newest trends or anything. I just wear pretty boring stuff in my opinion. So for some inspiration, I went on Pinterest and typed in "fashion."

Still not too exciting, but one image in particular caught my interest. I'm not really sure why it did, but I looked at it and thought I could try something that uses both glossy and matte finishes.

I immediately thought that I should try to do matte nails with glossy tips. It's a style I've seen done before a few times, but I have never really used a matte topcoat before.

So I did just that. I painted my nails with a "normal" black, since I don't own a matte one. I then taped off the tips, and applied a matte top coat to the rest of the nail. The black tips weren't all that shiny on their own, so I then applied Seche Vite to them. This was my first time using this matte topper, or any matte topper. 

My materials:
  • Pure Ice - Black Rage
  • KleanColor - Madly Matte
  • Seche Vite - dry fast top coat
  • painter's tape

It's not the most exciting manicure. I was actually a little let down with the matte topper since it wasn't all that matte. It's still pretty shiny, even with two coats. Although, I'm not entirely sure if applying two coats is better than one. Perhaps I should just look for a black that already dries matte.


  1. I really like Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love. I've already gone through about 1 1/2 bottles. I love it over glitter!

    1. Oooh that's right, I should try to matte some glitter! And I may have to try that Hard Candy one, thanks! :) I just have an overabundance of KleanColors because they were so cheap lol


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