Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cult Nails - Feelin' Froggy

This is quite an exciting post! I have had the amazing opportunity to try out the next Cult Nails collection - the Cult Fairy Tale Collection.

From left to right, the colors are: Evil Queen, Charming, Princess, Feelin' Froggy, and Happy Ending. 
My first victim? Feelin' Froggy! I just can never resist green nail polish, and this one is definitely one to grab if you can. 

I am actually new to Cult Nails, as these are my first polishes from them! I know. I've been eyeing several beautiful colors offered by CN, and after this great experience, it looks like I'll be back for more.

Feelin' Froggy is an amazing polish. It's a lovely green color that shimmers under the light. It applied like a dream, and what you see in the photos is only two coats - and if you know me, those are two baby coats (I don't apply very thick coats). Still, it looks perfect! 

The first coat was honestly a little scary. It was very thing, but after the second this is what it looked like - perfect! Since the polish Happy Ending is more of a colorful shredded top coat, I'll be using that as an accent nail for each color so you can see what it looks like over each color from the collection.

Even Happy Ending is wonderful. This is only one coat for my accent nail with no glitter manipulation, meaning that I didn't move any around to get full coverage.

All in all, both of these polishes are wonderful, and I absolutely love Feelin' Froggy - it's the perfect shade of green, and even with all of my green polishes, it's unique!

Mark your calendars! Cult Nails is launching this collection on Friday, May 25th with a pre-sale event. During this one week pre-sale event, the whole collection is going to be offered for the discounted price of $40 - that's like getting one polish free! Cult Nails says that pre-sales are expected to ship out by June 15th, and the polishes will be available for individual purchase at that time too. Each bottle is $10.

This polish was provided by Cult Nails for review. As always, I only offer my honest opinion.


  1. Feelin' Froggy is my fave from the collection - def. a must-have green. Love the swatches! Oh, and if you like purple, Cult Nails' My Kind of Cool-aid is da bomb diggity.

    1. Thanks, I'll have to keep that one in mind! Also yes, omg this green color. I think it's my favorite too. I didn't even swatch the others yet, but this is just gorgeous.

  2. So jealous of your Cult Nails "Preview"!! They are amazing polishes and the formula doesn't disappoint. You are a lucky ducky! This is the first collection I have felt the need to pre-order. I love ALL of the colors, which hasn't been the case with previous collections!

    1. It's extra exciting since this is my first experience with Cult Nails! The formula is very nice, and two coats does the trick with all three I've swatched so far :) These colors are seriously great though, and the colorful shredded top coat is pretty unique!


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