Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cult Nails - Evil Queen

I apologize that I had to unexpectedly skip a day of posting these Cult Nails polishes, but I'm back! I didn't feel too well yesterday, so I spent most of my evening napping and just taking it easy. I'm not sure if I had food poisoning or what, but I'm definitely feeling much better. That being said, on with the show!

So this is the last of the Cult Nails polishes that I am reviewing from the Fairytale Collection. Today's is a lovely red color called Evil Queen. Once again, I've put Happy Ending over it for my accent nail. This is two coats of Evil Queen on each nail too. 

I was really happy with this shade of red. I'm pretty pale, as you can see, so some reds are just so bright and look pretty crazy and bold on me. This one is indeed bright, but it's alright! It's definitely more on the actual red side than Deborah Lippmann - Footloose, which I consider more of a reddish coral. Still, reds are some of the hardest to capture just right with my camera!

All of that being said, this polish is quite pigmented, but not terribly pigmented. What I mean by that is that sometimes when I have a very pigmented polish, it looks beautiful, but cleanup and removal can be tough! When cleaning up around the edges with this one, it was leaving some reddish smudges, but it wasn't as bad as other polishes I have. It came off with a little extra work, and did not stain.

This polish is definitely another win! My whole experience with these Cult Nails polishes has been great. I am so grateful that I was able to meet Maria at the blogger meetup (which I'll also have to post about!) and try some of these polishes out before release. 

Cult Nails is launching this collection on Friday, May 25th (tomorrow) with a pre-sale event. During this one week pre-sale event, the whole collection is going to be offered for the discounted price of $40 - that's like getting one polish free! Cult Nails says that pre-sales are expected to ship out by June 15th, and the polishes will be available for individual purchase at that time too. Each bottle is $10.

This polish was provided by Cult Nails for review. As always, I only offer my honest opinion.


  1. That's a great red on you. Rock it, girl!

    1. hahaha thanks! Evil Queen is an appropriate name - it's a pretty badass color! ;)

  2. I used Evil Queen for my Canada Day Nails and I really loved it! Sorry for going comment crazy, I just found your blog today (I don't know how I got here!) and I'm really enjoying reading!

    1. Haha, that's fine! I appreciate the comments :) and it's a great color. It looks so vibrant in your photos. And I love your cupcake nail and the one that looks like peppermint!


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