Monday, April 9, 2012

I received my Zoyas from the Share the Love program!

I took advantage of Zoya's Share the Love program. They arrived really quickly! I ordered them on the 6th, and they already got here today, the 9th. I really didn't expect them to be in my mailbox this morning.

The blue one is Maisie, a flakie topcoat. They also make a green version, and a pink one too. The coral color is Elodie. I actually didn't have a coral polish, so I figured I had to get one for summer time!

As you can see, I'm wearing Chelsea Chelsea Bling Bling since I just put it on this morning. I'll have to swatch and wear these two soon!

I just can't get over how pretty these are. I think I'll be back for more! If you would like to join Zoya and buy some of their lovely polishes, you can make an account here: They have hundreds of beautiful colors to choose from!


  1. These two look great together! Can't wait to see swatches!

    1. Thanks! I may just have to use them soon :) Yaaay, summer colors!

      I also hope to get enough Zoya points to get the other two flakies - the pink one and the green one.


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