Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I received my first Julep Maven box!

So I got my first Julep box in the mail. I'm now a Maven, so I get free shipping on future boxes too! Right now I'm unsure if I'll stick with it, mostly due to the steep $20 per month price tag. But I will keep my account active and just keep "skipping" months until I see something I just can't live without! I got this whole box for just 1 cent! It was part of their promotion to try their products and service.

I took the initial quiz that everyone takes, and my result was American Beauty. I did like the colors for that set this month, but I was in need of a gray polish, so I went with the Boho Glam box instead. I had been eyeballing Essie's Chinchilly for a nice gray, but it's $8. However, trying this whole box was just 1 cent! And it was packaged super cute too, with black paper "Easter grass" as I call it, and the polishes wrapped up in pink tissue paper with a green ribbon.

As far as the products go, there are two polishes: pale yellow and gray. The yellow one is called Blake, and is described on the Julep website as "sunny yellow. Creamy and buttery yet fat-free." The other color is gray, which is named Meryl, "the perfect neutral, sophisticated gray creme." I also got a Julep nail file, and the big tube of apricot hand scrub. It smells amazing, and it leaves my hands feeling super soft! 

I've only used Blake so far, but I can't see Meryl being a let down. The quality is pretty nice, and it applied rather smooth. I used two coats of Blake on my toes to test it before Easter, and put Lac Attack's Jewel of the Nile over it to be extra festive and colorful. 

If you would like to become a Julep Maven, sign up here to join. If you don't like the results from your quiz, you're free to choose another style! There were three different promo codes that allowed you to get the box for one penny with free shipping:
  • COLOR2012
I had used the COLOR2012 code when I signed up. I'm not sure how long they're all active. I'm assuming the March one was only good last month, but I haven't tried it! Either way, it's worth a shot to see if you can get some polishes practically for free! And it's a pretty neat service if you're into polish being delivered right to your door every month ;)

<3 Corrinne


  1. The colors that you got in the box are so pretty! I do the same thing with my maven subscription. I got the first month really cheap and I haven't been able to bring myself to spend $20 on any of the months since!

    1. Thanks! I quite like these colors :) though it was a hard decision still... The one with an orangy-coral color and a gold sparkly polish was my second choice!

      But I hear you.. I'm currently job hunting, so that's why I'm not promoting any giveaways for like 30 or 50 followers. I set it at 100 so I have some time to work things out! Of course, if I get some more expendable income, I'll lower it and giveaway much sooner :P and then *maybe* I'll be able to do a month or so now and then with Julep too!


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