Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 15: Delicate Print

Delicate print. It's a bit vague, but that's part of what makes this challenge fun! It's fun to see what your creativity will think up, and it's fun to see how other bloggers who are doing the same challenge will also interpret it.

When I thought of delicate, tiny flowers, lace, and pastel colors came to mind. I just did flowers yesterday, so why not lace? I'm not much of a pink girl, but I decided to go for a light pink to make it extra delicate.

Colors used:
  • CG Nailslicks - Tickled Pink
  • Ulta - Snow White
  • Max Makeup Cherimoya - White

I painted my nails pink, and then free-handed white tips with the normal Ulta polish. Then I did the tiny loops  with the MMC nail art polish in white. I know it's not very crazy or exciting, but I guess that will be for tomorrow's tribal nails! 


  1. Those are so pretty! Would be cool in black & white too. Your nails are a great shape/length. :)

    1. Thanks! I didn't even think of black and white - that would look nice with black lace or white lace :) and this is about my limit for nail length before some break! I'll be filing them a bit to keep them in check before tomorrow's challenge.

  2. I think those look really pretty and are so versatile. You could do them in any color, add glitter, FAB!

    1. Yes, glitter ALL the things! lol. I like how they turned out for a first try at this pattern, so I may be revisiting it with different colors :)


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