Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 14: Flowers

Flower day! Another day that I was looking forward to. I have been wanting to try cherry blossoms for a while, so I went for it.

This is my second attempt at a sakura pattern, but the first since I've started this blog. I've gotten some new colors since I last tried, and I like this combination much better!

Last time I had used Revlon Minted for the background color, and Revlon Hot for Chocolate for the branches. The Revlon brown is much darker than this, and didn't look right with it. This time, I used these colors instead:
  • Essie - Da Bush
  • Sinful Colors - Nirvana
  • CG Nailslicks - Tickled Pink 
  • Chelly - 72

I had a really fun time doing this pattern again! I've gotten better at free-handing and dotting since I first tried cherry blossoms, and I love it. These colors are just amazing together too. Da Bush is just the perfect jade green for me.


  1. Pretty! Cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers for nail art.

    1. Thanks! I love them too :) I love seeing the different variations of them. People use different background colors, different shades of pink for flower color, just use different methods (mine were just dotted), etc. They're so cute but so exciting haha


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