Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 12: Stripes

Stripes. Horizontal? Vertical? Use striping tape? Stripe with nail art brushes? So many options! I opted to play with my nail art brushes and do some striping that way. 

I'm typically not a pink girl, but pink was calling to me for some reason today. I applied one full coat of pink, and then went to town striping with my nail art polishes! 

Colors I used (in order from left to right):
  • KleanColor - Pink
  • Max Makeup Cherimoya - Y3K wedding
  • Max Makeup Cherimoya - Neon Pink
  • Max Makeup Cherimoya - Barbie Pink
  • Max Makeup Cherimoya - Pink Lady

After I applied my initial full coat of pink, I started in the center of each nail and made one stripe all the way to the tip. Then I just picked up different shades of pink and kept making stripes off to one side. It's sort of like a racing stripe that's off-center the way I did it. Half of the nail is the original pink, half is all stripes!

As usual, I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite. That made it really glossy, and while it's easy to see in person, it's like glare-city in my photos! A bit subtle since they're all pink, but I figured I would save the crazy black stripes for future challenges like animal print or tribal. 

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