Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 11: Polka Dots and Julep Review

Polka dots! Dots, dots, so many dots!

While today's challenge is Polka dots, I'm combining it with a review of Julep nail polish!

A while back, I had gotten to try Julep nail polish for 1 penny. I used both of the polishes I received in my Boho Glam box:
  • Julep - Meryl (gray)
  • Julep - Blake (yellow)

I decided to use both colors, since I thought they would look pretty together. Sort of funny that gray can be "pretty," but I like it! I'm typically into grays, blacks, browns, and other neutral colors for clothing, shoes, makeup etc, so this works. The yellow is enough to make it bright and cheery, but it isn't too terribly bright - it's pretty pastel. 

I have to say that while I like these colors, I'm really not all too impressed. I've "skipped" this month's Maven box since it's pretty expensive. They are wonderful polishes, in terms of color, but a bit thin - one coat was very sheer for me, for both colors. 

That being said, I'm not entirely sure if I'll ever get more. The $20 per month price tag is a bit steep, especially since these polish bottles also hold 8 mL (.27 oz) as opposed to a typical full size bottle of polish, which is closer to 15 mL (.5 oz). They have a beautiful selection of colors, I'll give them that, but they're $14 each on the website. That's about twice the price of what I pay for most polishes, and I'm even getting half as much of the product! 

If you're really into their polishes, then I suppose it's a pretty good deal. Instead of $14 each, a $20 monthly box gets you two polishes delivered to your door, perhaps with some other item each month too - mine being an apricot hand scrub this month. 

I do enjoy these polishes, but the price is a bit out of my range! So while it's not my cup of tea with my current budget, you may like it! If you would like to join them, you may sign up with this link. Take the quiz, and if you don't like your results, you can always switch to a different "style!" Add whichever box you choose to your bag, and apply the code COLOR2012 to try it for a penny! I'm not sure how long this will be going on, so try it out at least. You can also cancel at any time.


  1. 2 of my favorite colors!! I love combining yellow and grey! I have Meryl, love, but not Blake, might have to add that to my list! :)

  2. I really like your polka dots! The contrast on these two shades is great. I get the "It Girl" box, which almost always comes with three polishes, making it an even better deal. But I love this yellow and which I'd gotten it! haha.

    Good choice on the colour combo!

    1. Thanks! The dots were fun to do, as always :) The colors came together, but I do like how they go with each other! The yellow is just pale enough for it without being too bright, although my camera actually made it look even more desaturated than it already is! haha. Once I get a job, hopefully I can save for a new camera too.

      But definitely - If I actually go for the Julep Maven boxes, I'd probably get the IT Girl box too. I was tempted last time since it had 3, but the colors were a bit weird! lol. I needed a gray when I got this one, so yay :)


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