Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 01: Red Nails

So today is the first day for the 31 Day Challenge! That means I'll be updating everyday for a whole month. I'll be busy, but I'm excited for it!

This was how my nails began before I went overboard! I started with a deep red, and then free handed a brighter red for the tips. This was my first time free handing tips! My nails are more "squoval" than square, so if I use tape for a straight line, it just looks silly for tips.

On top of that, I went ahead and added some red shredded glitter. I bought this from Lacquistry's Etsy shop  a while ago, and I've been dying to use it.

As for colors, I used:
  • Jordana - Holiday Red
  • KleanColor - Red Alert, for the tips
  • Lacquistry - Devil's Dandruff

They're a bit crazy, and look a lot deeper in color in person. The shredded glitter is also pretty hard to capture. It looks amazing to me, but the photos don't do it justice! 

I'm also trying to learn how to paint better with this challenge, so I didn't go all the way to my cuticles like I normally do. I figure it will be easier to remove each day for a new challenge, and it makes it look much cleaner without having to clean up a lot. Now I look forward to the future challenges!


  1. Pretty!!! Good job on the free hand! (and I'm dying over the red shredded glitter from Laquistry! I really need to get one - or all! Haha dang budget - of her polishes, especially since she's in AZ like me and I like to support local when at all possible!)

    I am free-handing tips for Orange tomorrow! My first free-hand! Eep! :)

    1. What's crazy is that the shredded red is so much better in person! It looks like uneven crap in my pics. And I was also stupid and didn't put the clear coat on before the pics - oops! I'm trying not to "waste" my Seche Vite if I'm going to be changing my nails every day for a while haha. I know it makes them look pretty, but I'd end up using a lot! Guess I'll try to use up this old Avon top coat instead.

      And yup - Lacquistry's stuff is pretty amazing! I got the silver shredded, gold shredded, and this red one. I have glitters and a flakie, but no shreds, so it seemed fun. I actually wanted the black one too, but someone bought it before me... however, I was sent the black one by accident instead of my gold! So I asked her, saying I'd pay for it since I wanted it anyway haha, but she just sent me the gold one because it was her mistake! I owe her now, but I'm pretty broke. I'll have to send her a Paypal gift when I can ;) but she's a doll to work with.

      Good luck on your free handing! This makes me want to do it more now. First day, and I'm already trying new things haha. I just don't think I have many "good" orange colors. Hmm, I'll see about tomorrow. Maybe just neon orange and I'll try my hand at some loose orange glitter I have lying around.


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