Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 06: Violet Nails

Violet day! I actually like the color purple, but I don't really wear it often, nor do I own much that's purple to begin with. I have few purple polishes, and they rarely get used, so I was pretty excited to put some to use today.

I used a couple of KleanColor polishes:
  • KleanColor - Iridescent Fuschia
  • KleanColor - Sparkle Purple

I started off with a couple of coats of the Iridescent Fuschia color. Then I put purple striping tape on, and filled in the tips with the Sparkle Purple.

This was my first attempt at using any striping tape actually, and I like it! It's so much easier than I thought it would be. To get it to stay in place, I put a coat of Seche Vite over it. I put one strip across each nail, and then used my beauty scissors to nip off the excess. It worked great!

Day 06: Violet nails - success! 


  1. I like your color combination. It's subtle, but I bet the sparkle really pops in the light.

    Was the striping tape difficult to work with? I've been meaning to try it, but I have kind of big hands, and I'm worried I wouldn't be able to get a decent grip on something so thin and tiny.

    1. Yes! The glitter is awesome in person. My camera really only likes macro photos with real sunlight, but unfortunately the Seche Vite was really glossy for that, so you can barely tell! My camera is pretty old, and this is the closest I can get it to focus :C No manual focus, just a macro setting, which it fails at pretty hard lol. When I find a job, I will work on getting a better one!

      But the tape was a little tedious. I just pulled it off of the roll, and placed it on my nail before I cut it for a couple. But then I also tried cutting off a piece, putting it on, and then nipping the excess a bit more. Both worked fine, but it was pretty grippy on freshly painted or Seche Vite'd nails!

      I've been doing a lot of around the house work like laundry, dishes, baking (boyfriend's birthday tomorrow!), so the tape is sort of peeling up on the edges. If you do it, depending on how you feel, maybe even TWO coats of a topcoat would be better so they don't start to peel off so quickly. Since I'm only wearing it for the day, I'm not too disappointed. It's a learning experience, and now I know for when I want to do a week-long mani with it!

  2. TY for the info on the striping tape. I have some on order that should be getting here in the next 20 days and haven't seen a lot of info on it for long wear usage. I'm a kindergarten teacher going into pre-k, so I definitely need something with staying power.

    1. No problem! I didn't exactly use a thick coat of Seche Vite, so that's why two may probably be good. But if you slather it on, maybe one coat will do!

      I think the trouble was on the edges, like where I nipped it off on the sides. It started to peel up a bit, and I'm hoping it's not due to the shrinkage of Seche Vite. It's probably because I have very rounded nails, so getting into the corners was a bit hard, as it usually is for me! I make a mess of the sides of my fingers when I paint because of it lol, especially my ring finger!

      Also, I used purple tape. I also noticed that it slowly started to turn more silvery. I guess the color came off a bit with the top coat, but it looked nice still. Silver goes with just about anything! I don't think it would smear, or run over lighter colors, but it was hard for me to tell with purple on purple. But it may also be because mine were crazy cheap from eBay!

      It was still really fun though, and I love the look, so I hope to master it :) Altogether, I think I used like 3 inches for one hand, at most? I definitely have enough to play around with it several more times!

      Good luck though! I know not everyone has used it before, and some just use it for the sake of getting thin lines, then peeling it off and throwing away. I'm not sure of any other names people call it, aside from "laser tape" that I've seen a couple times. It's hard to find when everyone refers to it differently lol


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