Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 05: Blue Nails

Today has been a wonderful day so far. I already knocked out one exam early this morning, so it left me with plenty of time to redeem myself with some decent nails! Today's theme: blue.

Very blue, indeed! I took NerdLacquer's I Think You Call Me... Sexy for a spin. It's a delightful dark blue color packed with glitter.

The polish has some silver and blue hex glitter in it, along with some smaller hexagons of the same colors. Other than that, it's filled with much smaller silver glitter, and barely a hint of red. I think it might be glitter that shines a bit red, sort of like a holo.

I used two coats, and covered it with Seche Vite. They actually have a nice glossy finish, and feel smooth to the touch. The glitter is just way too intense for my camera to capture - you just can't appreciate it properly here!

I'm really happy with this polish! As with any Nerd Lacquer, I suppose it's pretty legendary. It's full of glitter, so what's not to like?

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