Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 04: Green Nails

Alright, I've made it to day four! As for today's challenge: green nails! I have quite a few green nail polishes. I'm really drawn to them for some reason, so I guess I've ended up with a lot of different ones. I couldn't decide on a "normal" one to try, so I went ahead and tried my magnetic green one for the first time!

I got this magnetic green polish on eBay. Unfortunately I don't really know what brand it is because it's not a well known name brand. It only says "LEDNAIL" on the front, along with "Magic Nail Polish." Regardless of brand name, it worked though!

I clearly don't have it together today, as I accidentally got too much acetone on my Q-tip when I went to clean up, so a bit too much was taken off the top of the ring finger, and the thumb was just plain messy! I felt like this had to be a messy manicure from the start, since I had to slather on a thick enough layer for the magnetic effect to work, but also work quickly enough to put the magnet over it carefully, before it began drying.

You can see where I took a bit too much off of the ring finger when cleaning up. I would have redone it, but unfortunately I'm a little short on time tonight.

This polish is really strange, but in a good way. Each nail came out differently, depending on exactly how much polish was on it, how long I held the magnet over it (about 20-30 seconds each), how close the magnet was (only a few mm away!), and how curved each nail is. My nails are pretty rounded, so the pattern fades a bit around the sides. The thumb came out amazing though!

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