Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 03: Yellow Nails

Day three already! That means today's theme is yellow nails. Once again, I didn't do anything too over-the-top. I kept it pretty simple and used two shades of yellow.

I tried taping again, since I haven't since St. Patrick's Day. Instead of Scotch tape, I used blue painter's tape. I tore off a couple pieces and then put them on my Xacto cutting mat. I cut the zig zags with my Xacto knife so I could be more precise than I would with have been with scissors.

I painted the neon yellow first. Neons are such a pain to get opaque enough! I should have just painted it over white polish first. But alas, I'm new to neons, so now I know. 

The two colors I used were:
  • KleanColor - Neon Yellow
  • KleanColor - Funky Yellow
Surprisingly, Funky Yellow is the bright neon one, and Neon Yellow is the "normal" yellow. 

Well, once again, this challenge has gotten me to try more! It isn't my cleanest work, as I'm new to neons, and I've only done taping once before. But it's pretty fun to do, so more like this will come!


  1. I have recently found out that if you have the edging scissors for scrapbooking or paper crafts that they also cut tape so that could give you some different edges also. Sorry if I am giving you info that you already have, but since I am new to doing my nails I have been experimenting quite a bit.

    1. Yes, I have heard that! But thanks for the refresher - I honestly forget about it. I don't have any at the moment, but I think my dad may have some old ones at his house that I can take next time I visit!

      If anything, I know some people also have the zigzag fabric scissors. I remember using those for cool science fair project borders when we didn't have anything else haha. I definitely want to try the wavy ones if I can find some! Hmm, perhaps something to use my Michael's coupons on when I get a job :)


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