Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 02: Orange Nails

So we're on to day two! I'm sorry for posting this one so late, but I only got to do it a little while ago! Now that it's nighttime, I had to take pictures indoors. Unfortunately, this camera doesn't play well with artificial lighting.

Today was a busy day, so I figured I'd keep it simple. Still, I'm surprisingly pleased with this one.

I'm honestly not much of an orange person, so these polishes have barely been used. I was tempted to put the metallic color on the tips of the other nails, but I actually liked the neon orange too much to cover it up!

The colors I used were:
  • KleanColor - Neon Orange
  • KleanColor - Metallic Orange

All in all, I'm actually happy with this challenge. I know I didn't make it all too challenging by keeping it simple, but the colors are very bold and I like them. I don't typically wear oranges, so it's fun to try something new!

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