Sunday, April 15, 2012

31 Day Challenge

I've caved! I decided I'm going to attempt the 31 Day Challenge. This means I'll be changing my nail polish daily, and in turn, updating my blog daily for the next month! I typically do my nails once or twice a week, so this is going to be strange for me. I'm also afraid that afterward, when I go back to doing my nails weekly or biweekly, that you gals will lose interest! :C I would love to do my nails everyday, but I'm hoping that my nails will survive even just this challenge! And it will be interesting to make time for this everyday too.

I'm a bit nervous about some of the challenges, such as water marbling, since I haven't attempted it yet. But the challenge is supposed to be fun! The idea is to get you to try new things that you probably wouldn't have. I've always wanted to try water marbling and sponge gradients, but I never have! So this will finally make me try them :)

For anybody else that would like to try it, I originally found it from Painting Outside the Lines's Facebook page. If you successfully complete all 31 days, and email or upload your photos to Facebook every day, then she will reward you! The prize is "a small gift," but hey, a cute goody bag is always welcome :)

I've begun planning some ideas for what I would like to do for each day... but I won't share that yet! I will leave everything to be a surprise, and show you on the day that I'm actually attempting it! It'll be a surprise for me too, since while I have ideas in my head, things always turn out differently anyway ;)

<3 Corrinne

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